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Turns out - a lot!

Navigating the unknown waters of marketing and communication requires a steady hand, a clear vision, and a trusted navigator. At NAO Advertising, we embrace the spirit of exploration and adventure as we guide brands through uncharted territories. 


NAO Advertising was founded with a bold mission: to be the guiding light for businesses seeking to make their mark in the vast ocean of marketing and communication. NAO, derived from the Latin word "navis" and Hindi word "nav," meaning ship, symbolize our role as the vessel that carries brands on their transformative journeys. With our expertise, creativity, and strategic thinking, we are the compass that steers your brand towards new horizons.

At the helm of NAO Advertising, is its Founder & CCO – Owais Shaikh. He has spent over a decade working as a creative strategist across agencies and brands like PaperBoat Apps, Dentsu, Publicis, Contract Advertising and more.  

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